Is ecthyma gangrenosum common in children?

No. I have not seen a single case of ecthyma gangrenosum in the past 12 years taking care of children full time. So no I don't believe it is common at all.
No. Thankfully, it is rare at any age. It's a dread skin infection in those already seriously sick, and complicates pseudomonas sepsis.

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I'm not sick, how susceptible am I to ecthyma gangrenosum?

Extremely rare. Ecthyma gangrenosum is the skin disorder (infected skin with ulcers) seen with severe cases of pseudomonas bacteria infection. It is a rare disorder, and affects patients who are immunocompromised, especially with low white blood cell counts. There are a few cases in which the disorder has occurred in normal persons, so it is possible for one who is not sick to be unlucky and get e. Gangrenosum.

Are antibiotics the safest ways to treat ecthyma gangrenosum?

Yes. This is overwhelmingly a bacterial infection which should respond to antibiotics if aided by the host's immune system. If you have no white blood cells, however, response may be quite limited.
Infection. Ecthyma gangrenosum is an infection that is related to pseudomonas aeroginosa, and sepsis related to this bacteria the best mechanism to treat this infection is with antibiotics. Interestingly enough, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is also effective, since the high oxygen levels destroys the bacterial toxin.

I have diabetes, am I more susceptible to ecthyma gangrenosum?

To a certain extent. Ecthyma gangrenosum is a skin lesion that manifests during a severe pseudomonas infection that has spread to the bloodstream. Pseudomonas infections of this kind rarely happen in patients that are not severely immunocompromised, but can occur if a wound gets infected. Patients with diabetes do tend to get wound infections more readily, esp if they do not follow proper prevention and wound care.
Yes. Diabetes increases the risk of infection, especially when blood sugar levels are out of control. The best way to lower your risk is to keep your blood sugars in a normal, healthy range. There isn't much research into diabetes and the specific disease you mention (ecthyma gangrenosum) however, the likelihood of uncontrolled diabetes increasing the risk is high. Http://flip. Dlvr. It/rw.

I have cancer, am I more susceptible to ecthyma gangrenosum?

Possibly. Ecthyma gangrenosum is usually seen in people with profoundly low white blood cell counts and is due to bacteria getting to the skin through the blood. These bacteria may be released more readily from areas where there is a primary malignancy. Don't confuse this with pyoderma gangrenosum, a very different illness.
I don't think so. But would check with your doctor or dermatologist.