Can benzos cause teeth pain? --would it be a symptom of withdrawal...Don't see how it could be withdrawal as I still am using them carefully.

Hard to say, maybe. Benzodiazapines can be used as sedatives or muscle relaxers (among other uses). If your tooth pain is referred pain from tense or overused muscles, it could (at least conceivably) be the return of pain from the muscles but perceived as tooth pain. Benzos can be used to help destructive tooth grinding at night (due to sedation effects), but shouldn't be used in the long term for this purpose.
Dry mouth for sure! Benzodiazepines can indirectly cause tooth pain due to it reducing the amount of saliva you have. Saliva acts as an insulator, protecting teeth from hot/cold/sweets. If you have been on this med for awhile, dry mouth may have already happened, without you even knowing, since it is gradual. If you have not seen a dentist in 3 months, i highly recommend going to make sure you do not have cavities.