Is there any way of getting rid of asthma completely, for playing football as it requires great stamina to last 90 min? Eg.Ronaldo had a heart surgery

Yes. There are many ways to control or prevent asthma from exertion. Talk to your doctor about a bronchodilator inhaler to be used prior to exertion.
Sometimes. ... Asthma goes away with time. It can also be controlled with anti-inflammatory medications. There is no surgery that makes asthma go away.

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Can Heart Surgery, Mitral Valve Repair, 1 yr on have an affect on Peak Flow 425. Mild asthma past taking 2x40 mg Propranolol day/can GERD affect it?

Prpranolol. can cause flare up of your asthma and should really not be used in an asthmatic patient. Isuugest a call to the prescribing physician. GERD can also aggravate your ashtma- you need to have your physician address BOTH issues. Read more...