My ovulation tests keep coming back negative but I did it the day my calendar says im ovulating what do I do!

Unsure. The ovulation predictor tests, when done once a day, are inaccurate about one third of the time. You can do the test twice a day (am and pm) and you will have a positive test about 95% of the time when you do ovulate.
A few things. Ovulation predictor kits measure a hormone called lh. It is detected by the test when the level reaches a threshold. Your urine may contain lh but not at a level the test can detect. Also when the urine is dilute the level may be lowered. Best thing is to use early morning urination. However the best days to have intercourse are days 9-14 of a normal 28 day cycle.
Keep testing. Unless your cycles are absolutely regular at, say, 28 days you should keep testing this week. Usually the tests are more reliable than counting - unless the cycles are like clockwork. If you never get a positive but do start period, try again next month. If your periods are more irregular than that, the opk test may not work for you either. See a doctor for help, then.