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What can cause essential hypertension?

NoIdentifiableCauses. Essential hypertension is Hypertension in which there are no causes to be found. It is also called Primary or Idiopathic Hypertension But having said that there are some common factors in some Family History Race It is more common in Black people Too much salt intake in some Smoking Obesity Cerain Meds like NSAid like Motrin and Naproxen Sodium, corticosteroid, Antidepressants. BCPs, decongestants,

What is the definition or description of: essential hypertension?

Hypertension no caus. Hypertension or high blood pressure for which no cause can be found is called essential hypertension.
High BP. An average blood pressure of > 140/90 that persists after 2 or more office visits in a person who is not acutely ill.

What is low renin essential hypertension?

Complicated. Kidneys normally help regulate BP by producing a hormone: renin which leads to prodction of angiotensin, a potent vessel constrictor. Most patients with essential HTN have high renin levels but since the 1970s it has been recognized that a subset have low levels. Some produce too much aldosterone (another hormone) but many don't. For those who don't, treatment for lreh is the same as for everyone.

How are secondary hypertension and essential hypertension different?

Hypertension. Secondary hypertension:secondary hypertension (or, less commonly, inessential hypertension) is a type of hypertension which by definition is caused by an identifiable underlying secondary cause. Essential hypertension:essential hypertension (also called primary hypertension or idiopathic hypertension) is the form of hypertension that by definition, has no identifiable cause.
2nd HTN Vs Essential. Secondary hypertension is secondary to a know cause. There are hundreds. The cause of essential hypertension is unknown. There are hundreds of hypothesis as to what it is due to tho. Some facts: runs in families, tends to be sensititive to diet salt intake, the higher the BP the shorter time you live and the greater the % of life you spend with heart disease, stroke, renal failure etc.

Hello docs, is essential hypertension life-threatening?

Hypertension. Yes. It can be. Essential hypertension is the most common form of high blood pressure. It means there is not a secondary cause for the hypertension. It is usually very treatable but like any other chronic condition can be life-threatening if ignored or not treated appropriately.

Whats essential hypertension?

Hypertension. Essential hypertension is due to genetic/hereditary issues. It means that the cause of high blood pressure is not due to any reversible causes - fix it and it goes away. Many patients require several medications to control their blood pressure adequately. Thanks mom and dad.
IdiopathicNoPhysical. Essential: another term for idiopathic: no known physical (other than mind/brain) basis. BP is a balance of co (cardiac output; heart pumping) vs. Tpr (total peripheral resistance), both under brain control 24/7 (hidden yet physical responses). Doctors can’t physically see mind or brain function, only the resulting behavior, thus call the behavior essential/idiopathic, no apparent physical basis.

What is unspecified essential hypertension?

High blood pressure. It is one of the terms used to describe basic high blood pressure not known to be caused by any other diagnosed disease such as kidney disease, and not specified as to degree. Essentially, you have high blood pressure.

What is Unspecified essential hypertension??

Essential hpt. I'm not familiar with the word "unspecified" as applied to the diagnosis of essential hypertension which means high blood pressure not caused by other abnormalities such as kidney disease, glandular abnormalities, etc. Essential hypertension often runs in families and physicians usually order several tests to make sure that the hypertension is not caused by other conditions. Medications control it.