Small lump in ear lobe close to head, currently getting headaches everyday and feeling dizzy occasionally. Is this connected to me stretching my ears?

See doc. Pulling your ears would not cause dizziness or headaches. The problem you have may be partly related to migraine but not from stretching your ears. I am curious as to why you are pulling your ears to start with?
EARS. You really must see an ENT - I do not know what you mean by " stretching my ears" unless you mean those spacers in your ear lobes which can cause a lot of inflammation. Please be seen by ent.

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Hi I have a lump behind my right ear on the bone and it starts from the top behind my ear lobe to the bottom and its causing headaches amd dizziness?

Lump. This may be a lymph node which is usually due to infection or inflammation. It can cause pain but will not cause dizziness. Get this checked by your doctor if it persists.

Discovered small lump near/in front of right ear. It's painful and swollen. Causing headaches, eye/ear ache, and dizziness. What could it be?

Lymph node. You may have a small swollen lymph gland...minor infection. If it becomes hard and immobile then, I'd have it checked out. You may just try placing something cold on it to see if the swelling would go down. You may feel better. You may also end up with a sore throat or some other pharyngeal type of infection.

I have a small lump on the top of my head which has been there for a while. Now it randomly starts hurting, causing headaches & dizziness. What is it?

Headaches. The most likely cause of the lump is a sebaceous cyst or a benign skull tumor such as an osteoma or dermoid. Have a neurosurgeon evaluate the mass to give you some answers.
Cyst. Mist likely it is s pilar cyst or a sebaceous cyst it can get large and it can get infected and that why it may start hurting my advice see a doctor might need antibiotics or other medicine.

I have a hard painful lump just behind my ear by the hairline. It's rock hard, tender, I also have headaches, dizziness, and a ringing in my ear.

See Your Dr. Assuming lump, headaches, ear-ringing and dizziness started more or less together or w/in a short period of time (as opposed to say, you had headaches or dizziness for years which now worsened), I would see your doctor without delay. These could be serious. They could also be related to a musculo-skeletal condition. A doctor will need to see and examine you to help.

Small lump on my head above my temple not painful, loss of vishion for 4-5 secs and head aches and dizziness?

Loss of vision, etc. I would see a neurologist or go to your nearest er for an evaluation. There are numerous possibilities - some serious. Get help right away.