Husband ate sushi 2 nights ago & started having diarrhea & stomach pains next day got chills fatigue muscle pain nausea headache but no vomiting now he only has the diarrhea and pains food poisioning?

Food-borne illness. Or food poisoning is illness caused by eating contaminated food. The common symptoms are: nausea, vomiting, or stomach pain.Diarrhea. The cause is bacteria or virus contaminated uncooked food. The most dangerous complication is dehydration. Drink a lot of fluids, light foods and relax will solve the problem. The condition often improves on its own within 48-72 hours.
Look up food poisoni. Food poisoning will occur within minutes to hours after eating. Others will also get sick. Your husband may have a virus or other infection. Noro virus is common, typical symptoms 2 days after exposure.