Can u hear a heart murmur without a thesteascope?

Sometimes. Heart murmurs are a result of turbulent blood flow through the heart. If the volume and velocity of the blood are high enough, and the chest wall is thin enough, sometimes (but rarely), a murmur can be heard without a stethoscope.

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Can breast implants affect how easily one can hear a heart murmur?

Highly unlikely! I have never heard of implants impairing a physicians ability to evaluate a cardiac murmur under normal conditions.
Rarely. If the implants are really large and your murmur very quiet it might be possible, but this one is very unlikely. :).
Unlikely. Good question but I think it would be very unlikely that breast implants would interfere with detection of a heart murmur.
No. Interesting and good question. While it makes sense to think that the implants could interfere with heart auscultation it is not likely as the implants are highly mobile and if needed they can be displaced enough to listen to all hear sounds. Good question though.

Can you have an intermttant heart murmur? Some drs hear it and some don't so I never know whether to mention it. I have an autoimmune condition.

Yes... A murmur is an extra sound we hear when we listen to the heart. We hear a swooshing sound and not just the basic lub-dub. The "murmur" is that extra sound and comes from the same principle as why you hear a sound when a garden hose is kinked or why you hear sound in the faucet when you turn it on. Why do some hear and others do not? Hydration? Anemia? Body size and position sitting, standing, l.
Yes. If what you have is a benign flow murmur (innocent) then it can be intermittent. Also if you have a faint murmur then some docs may not hear it. And lastly, could be simply that some docs focus on auscultation of the heart more than others.

Sometimes I get pains near my heart. I have a innocent heart murmur. Doc said she could barely hear it and it was innocent. Is this bad or no?

Doesn't sound bad. Lots of people have heart murmurs. This doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you or your heart. If you are really concerned you could get an echo, (an ultrasound of the heart) but that seems unnecessary from the information provided. I would not worry about this, just like your doctor told you.

I can hear my heart murmur, without any equipment. It's a very loud whistling sound and if someone is very close to me, they can hear it as well. Should I be concerned that maybe my murmur is abnormal?

Call 911. You should go to an ER for immediate evaluation at a hospital with a heart surgeon on call. Stay calm and call 911.
Loud murmur. If there was a recent change in symptoms (such as chest pain or shortness of breath) and a loud murmur, then go to the ER. But if you feel ok and the murmur has been present for a long time, it should be evaluated by a cardiologist in the office. Some things that cause a loud murmur (like a small VSD) might not require much treatment, but they are not normal.
New Cardiac Murmur? Musical sounding murmurs are most often associated with the aortic valve. There are some congenital conditions such as bileaflet AV that might not be detected during childhood which then are associated with a new cardiac murmur. If you have a cardiac murmur, it needs to be evaluated by a physician. A primary care doctor should have a listen and then consider if a echocardiogram is needed.

I have heart murmur and I sometimes feel my hear skip a beat and I get scared I went to Heart Specialist and did a Ekg and Echo came back good?

Murmur. A heart murmur. A murmur is just noise. Sometimes serious problems cause a murmur many times a murmur is caused by normal flow. Patients often mistranslate what the dr. Tells them. Ask your doc about your situation.

What happens if a heart murmur doesn't heal? What are the next steps?

Too vague. A murmur is a sound your provider hears through a stethoscope, and may me associated with a normal heart. If the murmur is related to valve pathology, the severity of the condition will have to be evaluated and followed, usually with an echocardiogram. If the valve condition is severe and produces symptoms, or changes in the hearts function, repair or replacement of the valve may be needed.

What happens if a heart murmur doesn't heal? What are the next steps?

Murmur. Heart murmur is noise caused by turbulent blood flow in and around the heart. In timing there are systolic, diastolic and continuous murmurs. By cause there are too many to enumerate here.