How to get rid of face rash? I already have rash on my forehead but suddenly the rash spreaded all over my face

Face rash. Having a rash that suddenly spreads all over your face needs to be seen by a doctor for a definitive exam and diagnosis. The causes of rashes are diverse and only a doctor's exam can diagnose it.

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I have a bumpy itchy face rash along with swelling. What can I do to get rid of it?

Rash. There are lot of causes of an itchy rash on a face. Most of the time it is atopic dermatitis that requires hypoallergenic moisturizers and at times steroid cream but the rash needs to be looked at by your physician to exactly what is the diagnosis. Read more...

What should I use to get rid of a face rash?

See your md. See a specialist that can diagnose the cause of your rash. Many factors can cause rashes so best to determine the cause before the treatment. Read more...