If there is a raised jugular venous pressure (jvp) in an elderly person then what, typically, should be done about? Is it a particularly serious medical condition in an elderly person?

Elder with jvp. . Order person with multiple comirbidities and found to have jvp. Jvp signifies a volume status and in this patient may mean water retention specially in the setting of chf.However, one has to see if there is shortness of breath and or wt gain etc..Because this can dictate treatment or not.
Heart failure. An elevated jvp means the heart isn't pumping well, so blood is backing up into the neck veins. It's like a sink that isn't draining. Usually the treatment is increasing diuretics (water pills) like Lasix (furosemide). Yes, it can be serious if not treated. It's a vicious cycle that keeps getting worse, causing swelling, difficulty breathing, and even death.