What procedures are there for a tight foreskin? 9 yrs ago I was told circumcision was the only solution after frenuloplasty didn't fix problem (27y/o)

3 possible options. 1) twice daily application of prescription strength steroid cream, 0.1% Betamethasone or kenalog, (triamcinolone) to tight area of forcenkin whilst retracting. 2) frenuloplasty, in which tight area of foreskin is incised vertically ; sutured transversely or z platy thru tight area. Both alternatives to circumcision 3) final option is a "minimal" or partial circumcision, i.e. Only removing phimotic/tight area.
Tried creams? Have you tried antifungal and mositurizing creams (together), to try to remove any fungal infection that could be leading to skin contracture and moisturizer to help soften / loosen skin? If yes and without improvement, need to see a urologist for examination and treatment options short of circumcision.