Varicose vein ulcers what do they look like when they are healing with compression bandages?

Venous ulcers. When venous ulcers are healing with compression bandages, they look like they are reducing in size. The open part may be covered with a protein exudate like a yellow patch. Eventually closing and covered with skin, they appear like a scar. Effective compression is a 4 way special wrap, not just an ace wrap. Good results require very experienced wrap techniques.
Like new skin. Looks just like new skin that you get after healing from an abrasion, sometimes may look like a lighter -white scar.
Venous ulcers. Ulcers due to varicose veins or venous insufficiency are usually located on the inner or outer side of the ankle. Initially they may be tender, red and weeping. With treatment they should become less tender, get smaller and heal. If you have a venous ulcer the cause of the ulcer should be treated which is the venous hypertension and possibly perforator incompetence. See a vein specialist.
It varies. They may have white or yellow granulation tissue at the base. Make sure your doctor does something to get to the root of the problem, not just treating with bandages. See a vein specialist.

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Varicose veins with a ulcer how long does the leg take to heal to normal with compression bandages?

VSU. There are too many factors to give you an exact answer. For example, how large in the ulcer to begin with? Is there an infection? Are you sure that this is just a venous ulcer and not a malignancy? Do you also have arterial diease? Diabetes? Please see a clinician that can examine you and help you with this question.
Healing a leg wound. You will need to have the vein (s) that are incompetent (i) treated to heal your venous stasis ulcer. You will need a doppler study of the veins of your legs. When you find the I vein (s) underneath the wound, these will have to be treated. Compression stockings do not resolve the I veins, sclero or laser therapy of the I veins are the only things that will help you heal your leg wound. Good luck.
It varies. If your doctor gets to the root of the problem and the ulcer has been there a short time, might be weeks. If it's just bandages and the wound has been there for a long time, might be months or years or never. See a vein specialist and get a proper standing ultrasound. If your doctor does not offer chemical or endovenous ablation, go to one that does. Miamibeachvein. Com or phlebology. Org.
Multifactorial. Wounds need to be addressed in several ways. Some factors include: infection control, wound debridement, and compression therapy.
Depends. Compression alone may heal many venous ulcers but there is a high rat of reoccurrence because the underlying problem with the venous system is not treated. It is like putting a splint on a broken arm. See a venous specialist who can treat the underlying cause of the ulcer.