Constipation, rectal pain when sitting, spots of bright red blood on tissue, diarrhea, stomach cramps on right side. Ibs? Hemorrhoid?

Both or neither... Need diagnosis first. "cure" depends on if simply just hemorrhoids/fissure or something serious. Have you been straining at stool, have rectal dysfunction, perform an activity that increases pelvic engorgement with blood or increases pelvic pressure (heavy lifting, prolonged sitting, etc.)? History of colitis, infection, rectal/anal trauma or high risk? Best to get checked--don't delay please.
See MD. Ibs is not usually associated with blood in stool. If she has constipation alternating with diarrhea for an extended period of time she may fit the criteria for ibs diagnosis. Seek out a physician for the blood in the stool and a diagnosis of her symptoms.