Why would a doctor recommend a barium swallow?

Help Diagnose you. A barium swallow ("ugi") will help diagnose issues you may be complaining about in your stomach area. Sometimes a "small bowel follow-through" is added to check further down the intestinal area. Best wishes.
See details. To look for an problems with the esophagus or stomach primarily. Your difficulty with swallowing was the specific reason in your case.

Related Questions

I am 80 and I had an appendix removed when I was 23. My doctor wants me to do a barium swallow, is it safe?

Yes it is safe. There is no contraindication of a barium swallow because of appendectomy. I assume it is being done because of heartburn, difficulty swallowing or upper abdominal pain. It is a easy test with no pain.
Yes it is safe. The barium swallow will evaluate your esophagus and stomach. Your cecum (to which the appendix was attached) is very far distally to this.

If I had a barium swallow test and it was normal should I still be worried about choking on food? ENT doc did exam with scoop n said all was ok

Not if you have no S. Barium swallow tests are just one of many tests to help diagnose a condition that can cause problems swallowing. If your ENT doctor (who I assume knows you well) said all was OK, and if you're not have symptoms (i.e., ongoing problems with chewing / swallowing), at your age, a normal barium swallow is very reassuring. Not knowing ur medical history, you should use HealthTap Prime or ask ur primary.

I had a barium swallow because my ENT doctor thinks I might have another condition which causes me to have difficult swallowing. What can this be?

A few things. Difficulty swallowing can be a result of a few conditions to include esophageal dysmotility, strictures, or even achalasia.
Best ask ENT doctor. Sometimes there are webs, or hiatal hernia that might get in the way of swallowing. There are many rare "things" that can also be a problem. You should talk to your doctor and ask what he/she is thinking.

Could the clicking in my throat and my recent fevers/sore throat episodes be related? Barium swallow came out normal... I've got my doctors stumped.

Uncertain. I don't have any details in your case, but a normal barium swallow tells me that the anatomy of your lower throat, cervical and thoracic esophagus is normal. Clicking of the larynx across the cervical spine is a normal phenomenon. I often check for this on my head @ neck exams. I suggest you see an ENT if you haven't already to evaluate you.

Can removing tonsils stops crackle in throat? 3 ENT and barium swallow says I have gerd. One doc says removing tonsils will stop the crackle

No. Removnt the tonsils is not on the list for reflux problems.
Gerd treatment. Depends on what you mean by crackle! Gerd or acid reflux, treated by meds and diet modification, (symptoms of gerd are foreign body sensation, intermittent change in voice, constantly clearing throat), removing tonsils will not help. Tonsil surgery only indicated for recurring tonsil infections,