My husband was having blood in urine without pain hospitalized CT scan cystoscopy done found polyp sent for histopath low grade malignancy?

I think. I think you mean he had a low grade blad tumor. He will need periodic cystoscopy to check for recurrent tumors. Every 3 mth for the first yr.If no recurrence,every 6 months for 2 more years. If no recurrence,annually thereafter. Kidney pelvis(both) and ureters will be checked with CT-IVP with contrast once yrly bec the lining epithelium is same as the bladder epithelium. Prognosis low grade good.
Excellent prognosis. If the tumor is superficial and did not invade the muscle wall , some times he may need limited resection. They tend to be multi centric , need regular cystoscopic check ups. Speak to his urologist with your husband permission you will have all the information you need including additional treatments.