My jaw feels like it's hanging on a thread. Wisdom tooth, no hole or infection I keep biting my cheek on accident. Is their anything I can do?

Yes. See, you will have to see a dentist in order to determine the cause of your problems and get the appropriate treatment. There just may be insufficient room for that wisdom tooth and it may need to be removed. Better to have it looked at before it becomes infected.
See a dentist. Biting the inside of the cheek can cause truma inflammations and subequant infections, with your medical condition you need immediate attention to correct the problem and prevent furhtur ones ..
Jaw. I would be gentle with the area for 10 days, rinse with salt water 3-4x/day and let the area heal. Every time you bite the tissue it swells making it easier to bite so take it easy and do not stress it. Once healed you can evaluate with your md whether or not at this time it is prudent to remove the third molar.