Difficulty breathing through nose related to snoring?

Yes. The airway ideally includes nasal breathing. When air goes through the nose and then behind the throat and into the lungs there is usually less obstruction. When your nose is blocked and you mouth breath there is more obstruction.
Very likely. If you have difficulty breathing through your nose and snoring, it is very likely that the two are related, though there can be additional causes of the snoring and fixing the nasal breathing may not be the only thing that needs to be done. The best thing is to see an ENT for a full evaluation of snoring and to rule out obstructive sleep apnea, that can lead to tiredness and other health problems.

Related Questions

I am experiencing snoring and difficulty breathing through nose (side: both). The following also describes me: Nasal congestion. What should I do?

Many ideas. But going with over the counter anti-histamine with decongestant would generally be the first thing to try. There are a large number of prescritption interventions that can be done such as antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, asthma meds, etc.
Get evaluated. This can be a serious health issue, both waking and sleeping, and this can be devastating if you want a romantic relationship. Please get seen by a competent otolaryngologist.
Use of. Warm nasal saline rinse, OTC antihistamine, drinking warm fluids. May use nasal steroids.

I am experiencing tongue problems (quality: enlarged, sore). The following also describe me: Snoring, Difficulty breathing, and Nasal congestion. What should I do?

If you have. Difficulty breathing because of enlarged tongue, you need medical attention immediately. It might be impending airway obstruction. Allergic response comes to mind. But whatever the cause, airway obstruction is a medical emergency.

I have trouble breathing at nigh and snore horribly, u clean out my nose but it feels stuffed use 4 way it works a whilre but it goes back to stuffef?

See below. Your nasal congestion may be due to many issues including allergic rhinitis or a deviated septum. This can cause you to snore and have trouble sleeping. Please see a sleep medicine or ENT specialist for evaluation and treatment. Hope that helps!

Lft side face paralyzed 10 yrs. Lately snoring/breathing problems. Upper side of nose movement with breathing. What can I do to help keep nostril open?

Provent. Although a sleep study is necessary to confirm your breathing difficulties, a surgical procedure to support your nasal passage can be performed. But first try a provent device. It is ordered through your treating doctors and is a nasal insert with a one way valve which acts like a CPAP machine - increasing airway pressure to keep the airway open.
Keep nostrils open. Breath rite strips will help to hold the nostrils open.
Probably surgery. Breathe right strips might help. If not, you will need surgery. A facial plastic surgeon will be able to treat this problem. It is not uncommon and many people with facial paralysis have nasal obstruction.