I have all four of my wisdom teeth. They arent causing me any pain but I do believe they are causing my teeth to be crooked. Can I still remove them?

Wisdom teeth. The decision whether or not to remove wisdom teeth (even if they are asymptomatic-not causing any symptoms\problems) is independent of whether or not your teeth are crowded. If the potential for problems is there, you should want to electively have them removed before you have major issues. They do not cause crowding, which if you have would warrant an orthodontic consult.
Yes, but why? I believe the argument that wisdom teeth causes crowding is a fallacy. Here is my analogy; let's say you have a tug of war, on one side you have 2 men, 2 women 1 teenager and 2 kids on the other side you have 1 man. Start tugging. Who do you think will win. It is 7 vs 1. Mesial drift + mal alignment and some other fractors cause crowding, not the wisdom teeth. Good luck.
Wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth contribute maybe 10% to destabilization of anterior teeth. Removing them will not magically make front teeth straighten. Seek 2 Specialist examinations. Oral Surgeon can tell you if your wisdom teeth and surrounding tissues are healthy, or if there is something pathologic that indicates removal. Also see an Orthodontist to discuss you malocclusion and the treatments available.
Not the answer. Wisdom teeth do not cause crowding of front teeth. Most people have a growth spirt in late teens that causes their lower jaw to grow down and forward. This can cause the bottom front teeth to crowd. Wisdom teeth are often blamed as they tend to come in around the same time. If the back teeth still meet the same and the front teeth have crowded, wisdom teeth are not to blame.
Sure .. Of course you can do what you like, but there is much proof that wisdom teeth do little to crowd your teeth . Consult with an orthodontist so you cane given info about your case.