I have lower spinal arthiritis, I also hyper-extend my back naturally. I have these lumps above my hips that swell up and hurt, what are they?

Time for imaging. If you have any lumps that swell or hurt, it has to be imaged first in order to be diagnosed. A simple x-ray may be a good place to start, as any abnormality of bone will show up, and can be correlated with your spinal arthritis history. An MRI would show soft tissue features (muscle, tendon, cysts, etc). So , both together can yield the answers you're looking for.Until then, it's only speculati.
Don't know exactly! At 19 u r 2 young to get arthritis, unless you have been in accident with bad fractures which didn't heal correctly. So i doubt u have arthritis. The lumps that swell/hurt might be hernias, unusual to have it on both sides, but can occur. See your pcp with onward referral to a gen surgeon, to rule out a hernia. Do you have any back pain? Without an examination/tests its difficult 2 diagnose.