Hard immovable lump where top of neck and base of skull meet along the hairline (occipital lymph node?); itchy scalp; swollen lymph nodes on neck

Don't worry. It's common at age 16 to have enlarged lymph nodes- you have an active immune system. The lymph nodes at the base of your skull in back are occipital lymph nodes. They get big from viral infections, particularly mononucleosis. If these wax and wane in size, don't worry. If they stay big, see a doctor. Rarely 16-year-olds get lymphoma. I don't think your itchy scalp is related; dandruff?

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I have an itchy scalp and a swollen lymph node on the left side of my head at the lower skull line. Can you please tell me what might be the cause?

Dermititiis. You could have eczema, seborrhea, atopic or other form of dandruff. If you scratch it it will tind to worsen and flake as well as get infected. That will cause the swollen lymph node. Start with a dandruff shampoo and stop scratching it. See if it starts to resolve in a couple of weeks. Read more...

I have an itchy scalp and a large red itchy patch on my forehead. I also have swollen lymph nodes around my ear. I got my hair done last Wednesday.

Dermatitis. If ALL the symptoms are on SAME side of your head and don't cross the midline then I'm worried about shingles which can later become painful. Starting treatment right away is critical A chemical allergic reaction is also possible especially if your hair was dyed and should have it looked at. Read more...