Advice, what's good food/intake for breastfeeding. What's not good. (colic baby with food allergies)?

Unsettled. These issues are still unsettled. More evidence is pointing to no food avoidance even during pregnancy since lack of exposure to a specific food within the first 4 months of life appears to raise the risk to develop allergy . If baby is allergic, you will need to avoid that food if possible although it is unknown as to how much food does get into breast milk. Agree that probiotic may help.
Breastfeeding. A diet recommended by the department of agriculture's food triangle is excellent.Junk foods and sodas are not recommended.
+Probiotics for baby. In a recent study, italian researchers randomized 554 term newborns to receive the probiotic lactobacillus reuteri or placebo to determine if the probiotic prevents colic, regurgitation, and constipation during the first 3 months of life. Half the infants were breast-fed. After 1 month, mean time spent crying inconsolably was significantly less in the probiotic group.