When I'm on my period my bum and vagina stings. What could be causing this?

Unclear . An exam would be needed if it only happens during your cycle i wonder if you are having an allergic reaction to femine napkins or pads. Try using a tampon on the next cycle.

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Right before and after my period after I pee my vagina, not urethra, hurts, stings, and feels like I still have to pee. My legs need to be open.

Unclear cause. Case like this are important to evaluate in person. The Obgyn needs to see you when the symptoms are occurring. Schedule a visit when the symptoms are bad so the doctor can see what is bothering you. Off the top of my head I am wondering if your skin is reacting to a pad. Try using a tampon instead and see if that helps while waiting for an appointment. Read more...

Vagina stinging when touched, peeing an especially during sex. No std's no abnormal discharge, mostly the outside, just finished my period. Yeast?

Yeast is likely. Yeast is a likely possibility. You might try a course of over-the-counter anti-yeast cream. If your symptoms persist, or you notice sores or blisters you should see your Gyn doc. Read more...