Lisa (54) due for 2nd round of chemo (1st round very hard on her) and has fractured her leg; is it advisable to delay treatment (stage 3 breast cancer)?

Need oncologist. Only your oncologist can give you the answer. It all depends on the type of breast cancer and the treatment being given and other factors in your medical history.
It depends. A delay of one or two weeks in giving chemo does not matter. But most bone fractures start healing in 2 weeks, so i would not advise interrupting chemo for more than 2 weeks especially if it is a very large tumor. Sometimes we can substitute hormones or Herceptin (trastuzumab) depending on which type of breast cancer(hormone receptor positive? Her2 positive?) you have.
Treat Fracture. What is the cause of the fracture? Was it due to a fall or trauma or because there is weak area in the bone due to spread of the cancer? The fracture must be stabilized so that lisa can be as mobile as possible to prevent blood clots. People with cancer are at increased for blood clot. The orthopedic oncologist can then consult with the oncologist as to optimum time for cancer treatment.

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Why are certain chemo treatments done for a breast cancer patient in stage 3?

Yes. In the majority of cases, stage 3 breast cancer needs chemotherapy in order to cure and prevent the cancer from coming back. Speak with your navigator and oncology team and ask questions so you understand the details of treatment and your stage. Read more...
Usually. Stage 3 breast cancer is a more advanced breast cancer, usually with significant size and invasion and/or spread to lymph nodes. There is a greater chance that the breast cancer cells have spread through the blood stream, for which only chemotherapy and pills can get to those cells. There are new targeted agents which target a breast cancer type and also attack the cells through the blood stream. Read more...