Is it normal to detect a heart murmur until now that my kid is 4 yrs old. Never got found when she was a baby.

Common finding. If I listen to a kid often enough I will eventually hear a murmur. It is more likely to be an innocent one than one meaning something bad. Even significant murmurs are not always evident at birth but may be detected at 2-4 months of age or older, since the pressures within the heart shift from pre to post birth work.

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What kind of doctor should I take my infant daughter to if she has a heart murmur?

Infant murmer. Assume it was heard by a pediatrician. Most infant murmers are benign and resolve over time. You should seek the advice of your pediatrician about the murmer. Sometimes an echocardiogram is obtained to evaluate the murmer and if abnormal then you may be referred to a pediatric cardiologist.
Pediatric cardiologi. You should take her to a pediatric cardiologist. Did your pediatrician say what kind of a murmur it is? A lot of children, at some point, have an innocent murmur, which is transient and benign. If it is pathologic, you should be referred to the specialist, be well!

What is the cause of a heart murmur in a child who is normal?

Normal vibrations. As the heart contracts and blood flows through it, there are structures in the heart, potentially including valves, chords that hold the valves in place, and muscle bundles, that vibrate and cause sounds that can be heart with a stethoscope. These sounds are normal.
Extra noise. A murmur is simply any noise other that the expected lub dup variations of the heart beating. Kids have a variety of innocent murmurs that can reflect the dynamic activity of the heart, the flow of blood back to the heart from the head, a vibratory sound as blood flows in main vessels to the lungs & others. The lean chest wall also permits hearing sounds that will be muffled when muscle mass develops.
Innocent murmur. A heart murmur in a healthy, normal child is often and innocent "flow" murmur... Essentially, we heart the blood flow across normal heart structures.
Innocent murmur. Is is fairly common in normal children for a "murmur', or noise, to be heard which is simply the normal blood flow. A murmur does not always mean heart disease. An innocent murmur is nothing to be concerned about.

Just found out my 3yr old. Has a heart murmur asd im worried they told us to wait months to re due test. Wat will waiting do y not do some thing now?

Heart murmur. As long as your child isnt showing any signs of heart failure you neednt worry. They are waiting until he is older to do a non invasive or invasive procedure to close the hole.
Safety. With many children's surgeries, the longer that the surgeons can wait (while the child is stable and growing), the easier the surgery will be. Having a bit more weight and a more stable immune system helps a lot with surgery. Your child's doctor will follow her closely and make sure that she is not becoming unstable.
Atrial Septal Defect. Or autistic spectrum disorder? A small atrial septal defect rarely requires an invasive diagnostic procedure or heart surgery in a child. If your child was unable to cooperate for the 1st echo, the pediatric cardiologist may want to re-check in 3 mos. To insure that blood flow across the ASD is not causing his heart to work harder. See: http:/www. Heart. Org/. Call the pede cardiologist to ask why.

Hello Dr. I examined a 20 days old newborn baby girl & detect a harsh heart murmur. No Echo in the vicinity to confirm Dx...What to do 4 her?

Move her. If the kid is not blue, you have some time to work. This kid should be sent where this service is available. A harsh murmur at that age could represent several things, but a significant aortic stenosis would be one of them. That and the other possibilities would benefit from early intervention. A balloon procedure could give the kid years before anything else was needed. Benign murmurs are not harsh.