I'm looking for opinions on antidepressants during pregnancy. Thoughts?

Antidepressants. I agree with dr. Patterson that this is a complicated discussion, and one that should happen between you, your ob-gyn physician, and your psychiatrist. There are risks associated with both being depressed in pregnancy, and with using antidepressants in pregnancy -- but these need to be weighed in each individual woman's case. In the meantime, here's some helpful info: http://tinyurl.Com/l57wsxn.
Please discuss with. Your OB who knows you and your OB can refer you to pysch if necessary, if you need to be on them some are better and safer than others but that is too involved to discuss here so you need to make an appointment with your OB and book enough time to go over your symptoms and your OB can explainthe pros and cons and refer you to the right person if necessary.