I want to say thank you to all the doctors  who offer their help. I ask a lot of questions and I appreciate the effort made  answer them! I'm sure Ill have many more, but you've made a rough week better.

I may not be one. Even if i'm not one of those who helped you, i'd like to thank you for your appreciation. It's great to know that this service makes a difference. You are a considerate person.
You are very most. Welcome! and I am certain that i speak for everyone here on health tap! we love to ansker questions and help out any way that we can!
We really appreciate. I said we because i think most of us do appreciate a favorable feedback which makes our time and efforts worthwhile.
Thank YOU! Your expressed appreciation means the world to us! we are here for you on healthtap because we love what we do ; want to assist. Knowing we've made a positive impact is both professionally and personally very gratifying. Thank you for hearing our messages of hope and help!