Does the yellow fever vaccine have any side effects?

Potentially. 1 in 4 people has a mild reaction to yellow fever vaccine. The sxs may include redness, soreness or swelling in the shot site as well as fever. Severe allergic reactions impact 1 in 55, 000 people. Severe illness w organ failure occurs in 1 in 250, 000 ; serious nervous system rxn in 1 in 125, 000. The alternative is possibly getting yellow fever virus which usually requires hospitalization. Of >
Yellow fever vaccine. Minor side effects include headache, myalgia, malaise, asthenia and low-grade fever for 5 to 10 days after vaccination in.
Yellow fever vaccine. Yellow fever vaccine can cause side affects . Travel doctor will tell you whether you need the vaccine or not and whether risk of giving vaccine is more or of having disease. .