Could a curved spine be responsible for back ache?

Sometimes. Curvatures can cause backache. Many other things, can, too, which may/may not be directly related to the curvature. Your best bet may be to start with a dr. Who is NOT a surgeon. Osteopathic drs. Tend to use non-invasive diagnostics & treatments like manipulation to balance/strengthen muscles, take pressure off nerves, prolotherapy to strengthen weak ligaments, etc. Which may be the real cause of pain.
Yes. Strongly suggest you see a back surgeon. Some are orthopedists who specialize in the back. Some are neurosurgeons and sometimes they work in pairs together.

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Could you tell me what is the most effective pain relief for back ache caused by curved spine or worn discs?

RFA, PT, NSAIDs. Curved spine (scoliosis) and "worn discs" are extremely common in people that have no pain at all, so both of those things aren't necessarily the causes of pain. Both though, can cause pain by putting pressure on the joints in the back. A thorough evaluation by a spine specialist should be able to tell you what is causing the pain (the joints, the discs, the muscles/ligaments, etc).

Why does a curved spine cause back ache?

Most do not as they. Are usually not large enough in size to matter. Usually there is some other source of the pain although curves in the lower back can affect the spinal mechanics accelerating degenerative changes which can lead to back pain. A curve has to large enough otherwise to affect one's center of gravity causing the muscles to work harder at keeping you balanced leading to muscular pain.
It varies. In my experience, for two reasons. First, a spinal deformity can cause a muscular pain as the muscles try to hold the spine in a good position but battle a mechanical disadvantage. Second, the spine is loaded in an asymmetric fashion leading to early failure fo the discs leading to premature degeneration, herniations, and arthritis, all of which can certainly cause pain. Thank you.

What anti inflammatory medicine is good for permanent back ache caused by kyphosis?

Who's ad are you. .. If you believe the ads, it is their's but one is not better than another although some allow for less stomach problems or cardiovascular risks but all are equally effective. I prefer once a day medication as easier to keep to a schedule & you should take with food & an anti ulcer medication to minimize risk of ulcer. You should have periodic blood tests to check liver, kidney & blood count.

Curved spine and prolonged sitting. Does it cause back pain?

No. A normal spine has three gentle curves-one in the neck, one in the mid-back, and one in the low back. If you have back pain with sitting, this is one sign of a torn or cracked disc. If the pain is severe or limiting your activity, see your doctor and get an mri.
Typically not. A small curvature of the back is typically not associated with back pain. You should be evaluated to make sure there is not a more serious underlying cause of your back pain.
Sometimes. In my clinical experience, prolonged sitting, even w/ normal spine can result in taught muscles, flexed vertebrae & injured/inflamed nerves. Injured ligaments also allow abnormal spine motion/hyperflexion during sitting, resulting in pain. Abnormal curves make the spine/muscles/nerves even more susceptible to such irritation. Osteopathic diagnosis, manipulation, prolo/neuroprolotherapy, etc. May help.

I am experiencing severe back pain, low back pain, reduced spinal flexibility, curved spine, reduced reflexes, popping or snapping sound from shou...

Back pain. This is a common symptom in teens who are active. Assuming no specific trauma, you can take a trial of Advil po q 6 hrs and Aleve q 12 hrs until pain subsides. Also, patches on the back OTC for pain are helpful. Heating pads can also help. Reduce activities that might aggravate while you are healing. The pops/snaps are muscularskeletal from laxity of the tensions/muscles. See MD if pain persist.

I have osteonecrosis in my hip. I also have bone spurs on my spine, middle back pain, curved spine & osteoporosis. What are my expected treatments?

Total hip. You will need to have a total hip replacement for the hip osteonecrosis. Osteoporosis need to be treated with the proper medicines (biphosphonates, orally o parentally. Parathyroid hormone subcutaneosly and vit d4000u daily. You will find out that after the total hip the back pain will improve and good pt program to strenghtening the core muscles will olso help with the back pain.