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When do u normally start having a period after giving birth vaginally? I'm not breast feeding. My baby is 9 weeks old mon. Could this mean I am pregnant

Varies greatly. Usually you start to ovulate 2-4 months after childbirth, but that number can vary by huge amounts. Lots of factors can affect your hormone levels and re-initiation of your cycle. Common ones breastfeeding, your general health, whether you had a c-section, stress, lack of good sleep. Best to take test if you feel it is possible you are pregnant, and also talk to doc about future family planning.

When do pregnancy hormones level out after giving birth? I'm 4 months pp and my menstual cycle is regular, not breast feeding but feel hormonal still, why

Complicated. If your menstrual cycles are coming regularly then your female hormones (estrogen and progesterone) are normal. You could check your thyroid hormone. Often new moms are exhausted and sleep deprived. Post partum depression often goes unrecognized as the symptoms do not have to include crying and sadness. Discuss these items at your follow up appointment.

What could cause a lump in my breast after breast feeding a few times after giving birth.?

Lactiferous duct. A blocked or infalammed kactiferous dut can cause a tender breast lump or cyst. The lactiferous ducts carry the milk from the mamary gland to the sinuses behind the areola. Picture a tree where the roots are the sinuses and openings in the nipple and the branches and leaves are the mammary glands and lactiferous ducts.

PCOS women feel better after giving birth & beneficial continue while breast feeding, at breast feeding what happens to hormones and pcos symptoms?

Breastfeeding. Breastfeeding induces a semi perimenopausal state where the ovarian production of hormones is slowed, decreased or in some cases stopped. This is true regardless of having PCOS or not. There should not be a difference for someone with PCOS.

A pcos woman after giving birth what are the factors that affect breast feeding? When should she start ocp and spironolactone again?

No special effect. PCOS patients should be able to breastfeed as well as anyone. There are no specific requirements or needs. Any non hormonal birth control or more specifically non Estrogen containing birth control method is appropriate to use to prevent pregnancy while breastfeeding. There is no urgent need to restart Spironolactone.