If the swelling in your face from your tooth from infection feels like its moved up by your eye does it mean the infection is spreading?

Usually yes. All tooth infections should be promptly treated by a dentist. A spreading infection can cause damage to other tissues and can become more difficult to manage. Please see a dentist asap.
YES, is speading. This type of infection is very dangerous and needs to be treated immediately. Ideally you need to be seen by an oral surgeon so that the abscess and be drained. If this is not possible than at the very least you need to be seen by your regular dentist or hospital er to get started on antibiotics until you can be seen by an oral surgeon. Don't wait, take care of this now!
Possibly. Should not wait. Get into a dentist asap. Spread of infection can create a lot more problems and get into the blood stream.
Yes. Any infection, especially one that is spreading and even more so in your head can lead to very serious complications! seek immediate care, preferably with a dentist, but at least with a physician, 24\7 medical facility or er of hospital as last resort.