I have been vomiting and diarrhea a mild fever of 100.8 and body and muscle pains could I have the flu even though I had a flu shot this year?

Possible. Flu shots are terrific, but they do not cover 100% of the flu strains. Also, when did you get the shot? It takes about two weeks for your body to build up full immunity to the strains it does cover. You could also have a really bad cold or a number of other viral or occasionally bacterial infections that should be self limited. If you do not start to get better after a cple days though, see a dr.

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I have the flu but I didn't get a flu shot this year. Am I going to be okay? I feel really terrible but I don't have a fever.

Flu Shot helps. Influenza is differentiated from a cold by the presence of high fever, body aches and chills. Also presence during higher prevalence time for influenza. This is the condition which the flu vaccine is available to help prevent. Many conditions are referred to as 'flu' such as stomach flu, or the common cold. All of the above typically run their course in healthy people. If concerned see your Doc.
Flu. Most people in their 20's recover from the flu without incident, although feeling bad for several days is be expected. Antiviral therapy can help you feel better if started within 48 hours of symptom onset.

My 2 year old daughter had a flu shot this morning and has started vomiting this evening. Is this from the flu shot?

No. Minor problem following a flu shot include, soreness, redness on shot site, hoarseness, red or itchy eyes, cough, fever, headache, itching and fatigue.

My 3 year old got the flu shot 3 days ago, last night she ate mcdonald's chicken nuggets doesn't usually eat that. Diarhea & vomiting all night?

Probably nuggets but. Most likely this was due to the nuggets, which I would never eat or feed to my child (see http://foodmatters. Tv/articles-1/whats-really-in-chicken-mcnuggets-scary) but she could have a GI virus. The flu vaccine temporarily suppresses immune function making one more susceptible to other infections! See http://bit. Ly/15y6igv ; http://www. Whale. To/vaccine/mercola. Html ; http://nyti. Ms/16qehvo.

What to eat when you have the flu and some diarrhea? No vomiting.

Bland and simple. There is no special answer here except keep it bland and simple. Usually you don't want anything more than this anyway. Avoid fatty foods that are heavy on the stomach. The main thing is to hydrate readily with sports drink and listen to your body - it has a way of telling you what to eat and what to avoid. Your appetite will return to normal as the illness passes.