What are condyloma acuminatum?

Genital warts. About 90% of genital warts are caused by 2 specific hpv types (6 and 11) and are the least likely to have cancer-causing potential. Genital warts may go away on their own in about 10-20% of people over a period of 3-4 months. There at a variety of therapies available to help remove and suppress them. They are quite contagious when present. They appear as colliflower type growths or smaller bumps.

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Since condyloma acuminatum is not curable, what should I do?

Discuss with GYN Dr. Your gyn dr. Has likely performed culposcopy (speculum exam of vagina & cervix). Dr. Will know whether and treatment is necessary. Sexual partner/s should be edvised to use a condom to avoid transmission.

What are this two things prurigo nodule and condyloma acuminatum and how does it effect normal life?

2 completely differe. Utterly different things. Each has significant effects. Both are treatable. See a dermatologist. Condyloma is a viral wart std. Prurigo is a nodule caused by compulsive scratching of an intense itch.

My husband has just been told he has prurigo nodule and condyloma acuminatum how with this effect us, normal life, can we kiss dr gave no details?

Skin eruptions. Prurigo nodularis not known. Other conditions may induce pn; becker's nevus, linear IgA disease, liver disease and t cells. Condyloma accuminatum is due to hpv infection and can be transmitted to you, if you do not already have it from him. You should have a pelvic exam to look at your cervix and consider getting the hpv vaccine. If there is any question about infidelity get tested for stds.
Keep loving him. You already have the same strains of HPV as he does. Keep kissing and doing everything else. These HPV strains are all over; I'm going to assume that one of you was with somebody else before you met and that this isn't a problem. Prurigo nodularis is troublesome but not catching. I'm glad you have each other -- and may you remain happy together for many decades to come.

Are the following conditions the same HPV virus, condyloma acuminatum and warts?

Yes, sorta. There is more than one kind of wart and more than one kind of wart virus. Condyloma accuminata are genital warts and should not be confused with plantar warts or other skin warts. Condyloma are from hpv (human papilloma virus).
Related. Hpv virus is common & there are many types. Different strains can cause finger warts; plantar warts (foot); genital warts (conydyloma accuminata). Genital warts can occur on the female or male reproductive parts. Certain types of hpv virus are associated w/developing cancers (cervical, mouth, throat & anus & maybe lung). The hpv vaccine is recommended in young women & men to prevent disease & ca.