Are the following conditions the same HPV virus, condyloma acuminatum and warts?

Yes, sorta. There is more than one kind of wart and more than one kind of wart virus. Condyloma accuminata are genital warts and should not be confused with plantar warts or other skin warts. Condyloma are from hpv (human papilloma virus).
Related. Hpv virus is common & there are many types. Different strains can cause finger warts; plantar warts (foot); genital warts (conydyloma accuminata). Genital warts can occur on the female or male reproductive parts. Certain types of hpv virus are associated w/developing cancers (cervical, mouth, throat & anus & maybe lung). The hpv vaccine is recommended in young women & men to prevent disease & ca.

Related Questions

How long (months/years) can you have HPV (human paploma virus) before you start getting genital warts?

A few months. About 2/3rds of people who are exposed to the hpv strains that cause genital warts (type 6 and 11 are most common) will develop warts. The incubation time is variable but somewhere between 3 weeks and 8 months. Read more...

How long can the HPV virus live outside the body? I borrowed my best friends dildo and she just found out that she has genital warts

HPV. The virus does not survive long on inanimate objects, but it can be spread in the short-term if sex toys are shared between partners. Read more...

HPV (genital warts) can be cleared on its own within 2 or 3 years, what about HSV? Both of them are belonging to viruses groups. Which is more dangerous

Different dangerous. About 80% of the women are able to eliminate the HPV virus. HPV virus causes almost all of the cervical cancers and some other cancers. HSV never leaves the body and may cause recurrent ulcers with pain and fever. It is not associated with cancer, but can cause serious infection in a new born. Read more...