Should I choose a metal or composite resin filling?

Your priorities? Cost and longevity favor amalgam. If esthetics are your thing , then composites. The size of the cavity can also influence your decision. If it is small, a composite filling may require less tooth to be drilled away. There are other alternatives too, though they have higher costs. Gold is still a terrific choice. There are also porcelain fillings. Don't be afraid to talk to your dentist.
Definitely,Composite. The advantages of choosing a composite filling include a more natural appearance, frequently a strengthening of the filled tooth, and a bonding of the filling to the tooth creating a better seal.
YOUR PREFERENCE. The use of amalgam (silver or metal) fillings has decreased over the years due to the mercury contained in them and the fact that they don't match the natural tooth. ? #?DrGlennMacFarlane? ?#?RedBankDentist?
Personal Choice. There has been a lot of public outcry for discontinuing the use of amalgam for dental restorations in the past and present. The american dental association position as which is also supported by the fda also is that the material is a safe and effective restorative option for patients. The newer composite resins are stronger than previous resins and can offer a more esthetic appearance.

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Do I choose a metal filling or a composite resin filling?

Your choice. I have not used amalgam in my office in over 15 years. Composite more technically sensitive. Be sure your dentist is meticulous in restoring your teeth. Read more...
Ask your dentist. Deciding which type of filling to use is best made by the patient and dentist, taking into account the size and location of the cavity, patient history, cosmetic concerns, insurance coverage and cost. Read more...