I've been 30 weeks pregnant, I find I have shingle around my ass hole. Can I still give birth through a natural way and will baby highly get infected?

Need to be evaluated. You need to get this checked to make sure it is shingles as it is very uncommon to have shingles around the anus, and at your age. If it is confirmed that it is shingles which is caused by same virus which causes chicken pox, you have to discuss the options of what kind of delivery you should hav, as you are still 10 weeks away from the expected delivery date.
Herpes simplex. You need to inform your obstetrician about this. Even if you do not have active genital or perianal lesions you can shed herpesvirus vaginally and place your baby at significant risk. You may be a candidate for c-section. Go and talk to your doctor. Good luck and hope you have a great baby.