My father has hepatitis C (genome1) - 1 kidney - creatanine @ 9.1 - uric acid @ 11.2 - anemic - pottasium @ 6 - want to avoid dialysis - please help?

Avoiding dialysis? It does not seem you father can avoid dialysis with a creatinine of 9.1 and a potassium of 6. You did not mention his co2 and that should be low as well. If your father does not start dialysis within the next few days, he runs the risk of death due to a high potassium level. In my opinion, if he wants to live, he needs to start dialysis as soon as possible. Good luck.
There may be no... Answer that will make you happy. Clearly, he needs it for the short term. Peritoneal dialysis could be an answer.
Renal failure. Without knowing the etiology of the renal failure and whether this is acute (doubtful) or chronic leaves one needing more info for definitive opinion, but it very much sounds like dialysis is necessary.
Nephrologist. These lab values denote advanced kidney damage and a potassium of 6 is dangerous. . He needs to see a kidney specialist asap!