What is the probability that I will eventually go blind with retinal swelling and glaucoma after baerveldt tube surgery?

Slim chance. Doubtfully to be a concern for a high majority of individuals with glaucoma. Your particular condition may be different, and this question would be best addressed by the ophthalmologist who is very aware of your glaucomatous disease ; surgery. Having placed 100's of aqueous shunts in eyes with advanced glaucoma, this is an infrequently occurring problem (both retinal edema ; choroidal effusions).
Not high. A Baerveldt implant is designed to lower the internal eye pressure by providing a channel for the internal eye fluids to escape in advanced glaucoma when the normal outflow channels do not work and the pressure is too high. The risk of blindness depends upon the stage of the glaucoma, the accuracy of tube placement and the biiology of the eye. The risk varies with each case.
Ask your doctor. It is impossible to answer this without a complete review of your situation. Your ophthalmologist can help with this question.