My child suffers from scid, is it more likely that a bacterial infection become septic?

Yes. Scid children have a much decreased ability to fight off infections, so they can develop overwhelming sepsis infections from germs that would only cause minor problems in normal, non-scid children.
Bacterial or viral. Either bacterial or viral illness can cause sepsis in scid as the body does not have an immune system to fight the infection.

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My child has digeorge syndrome, is it more likely that a bacterial infection can become septic?

Maybe. Digeorge syndrome children have a problem with their t cells, so they have trouble fighting off fungal, viral, and pneumocystis infections. This immune deficiency behaves similarly to the t cell problems seen in aids patients. A pediatric infectious disease or immunology specialist can help assess whether or not a digeorge patient is at high risk when he gets a particular bacterial infection.
Possibly. In children with digeorge syndrome, the thymus gland may be small or missing, resulting in poor immune function and frequent, severe infections.

I have burkett's lymphoma, is it more likely that a bacterial infection become septic?

It is possible. Usually the treatment for burkett's lymphoma is quite aggressive. This usually means that your normal white blood cells - which protect you from infection with bacteria may be lower for a longer period of time. The longer they are quite low, the higher the chance of infection that may spread to your blood stream (septicemia).
No. It is an aggressive lymphoma, good chance to be cured if treated right. And able to get high dose chemo.

I have lupus, is it more likely that a bacterial infection become septic?

Steroids. If you are immunosuppressed with systemic steroids, Prednisone or biologics you will be more prone to infections and possible sepsis. Treat any bacterial infetion early, to prevent complications.
Depends on meds! If you are on steroids and other immunosuppressants, the answer is yes. If your lupus is active or flaring: yes. If your lupus is stable and you take plaquenyl, proably not!

I have asthma, is it more likely that a bacterial infection become septic?

No. Asthmatic patients are not at any higher risk to develop serious bacterial infection when compared with general population.
Not really. The likelihood of an infection turning into sepsis depends on many factors some are related to the bacteria causing the infection and some related to your immune system.
Not really... If you develop a bacterial infection in your lungs or airways, you are more likely to have an asthma exacerbation since these infections can trigger asthma. Your risk of sepsis is similar to non-asthmatics.

I have breast cancer, is it more likely that a bacterial infection become septic?

No. There is nothing unique about breast cancer that would make you more prone to sepsis. Hoiwever, chemotherapy does temporarily affect your response to infection; if you are receiving chemotherapy at present, the answer would be "yes".
Chemo? Yes. If you are currently undergoing chemotherapy, this is a possibility. Chemo kills cancer cells but also weakens the immune system, which protects us from germs and bacterial infections. Be sure to keep track of your surroundings take take precautions to not expose yourself to others that are sick.

Can any bacterial infection become septic?

Sepsis. Most bacterial infections do not spread into the blood stream, the definition of sepsis. Most simple infection, such as skin infections, or bladder infections do not spread. But lung infections (pneumonia), kidney infections (pyelonephritis), deep skin abcesses, gall bladder infections, appendicitis, all can spread bacterial to the blood stream. Sepsis can be deadly, and needs hospitalization.
You bet. The term sepsis is defined as two or more of fever, elevated or low WBC counts, rapid heart rate, rapid respirations secondary to infection. This can occur with any bacterial infection. If you are using the term to suggest bacteria in the blood a better word would be bacteremia, and this too can occur in any infection.

I have a bacterial infection, what factors could cause the infection to become septic?

Very rare. If you mean a bacterial infection in the vagina, it would be highly unlikely for this to proceed to sepsis, which is a serious infection of the bloodstream.
Several factors. Bacterial infections can enter the blood stream and cause bacteremia. When severe enough, the bacteria make the person very sick in a syndrome that is cause sepsis. Factors that influence this include the type of bacteria, the source of infection, the overall health of the host, and the presence of things that might weaken the immune system.
Infection in blood. Once the infection enters the blood stream you are technically bactaremic and have a strong potentila for sepsis.