16, never smoked/drank alcohol. Lately I had sore throat, a lump in throat, ear itchiness, hoarse voice. I am a classical singer. Is it throat cancer?

Not throat cancer. Cancer won't announce itself like this, especially at your age. It's a relatively slow-growing ulcer or mass that is cruelly subtle in its initial presentation. Being a singer, you're already protecting yourself from most forms of throat cancer by not smoking. Best wishes.
Likely not. Cancer is not common among young people. You have laryngiti, possible vocal cord nodule, thyroid enlargement/ goiter etc.See your pcp or ENT for further work up. Take care!
Seasonal Illness. No. You do not have cancer. Not in any way would cancer even be a possibility given your age, the acuteness of your illness and the season. You are infected with a virus or bacteria. Given your description of the symptoms i would think this is bacterial and want to see you in my office to confirm and then to get you on treatment. You do not have cancer.