Day 10 of 50mg zoloft (sertraline). Have broken out in extremely itchy rash on my face due 2 the zoloft (sertraline)? I'm breastfeeding & having a terrible time with anxiety

Could be the Zoloft (sertraline) You could be having a reaction to the zoloft (sertraline). Please see your physician about this today so that both the rash and your anxiety can be addressed. Do not take further zoloft (sertraline) doses until speaking with your doctor today.
Contact your doc now. Sounds like you could well have acquired an allergic reaction to your medication. Discuss with your doctor asap, but likely you will need to stop zoloft (sertraline).
Could be. Talk 2 doc. You need to be seen by a doctor right away so that they can examine you and determine if this is an allergic rash. Do it asap. Don't take any more zoloft (sertraline) until you have been examined. Hope you feel better soon, and are able to enjoy being a parent, and that your child grows up happy and healthy. Good luck!