How can I get rid of the bulge of fat around my whole waist that hangs over my jeans?

Bulging Waist. If you want to lose weight in your waist then you need to attack it from several points. First cut down on your carbs. Second, eat 5 meals a day. I recommend isopure protein supplement between meals. It tastes good and you can get it with no carbs. Third, you need to do aerobic exercises 5 days a week: elliptical, running, biking.
Other options. Agree that diet and exercise are always preferred. But if you find that you have some pockets of fat that are resistant to diet or exercise, you might want to also consider liposuction or the newer safer noninvasive fat melting devices such as liposonix (the first fda approved device to melt fat without liposuction or surgery).