Astrotoma brain tumor. She is sweating really bad and getting strangled alot. What can you tell mem?

Need more dagta. I'm sorry but I can't answer your question as stated. It matters a lot where in the brain the tumor is, when it was first found, when she had surgery, what other therapy she has had, how old she is, etc. Sweating could be fever from an infection or some kind of hypothalamic abnormality if the tumor has damaged that part of the brain. Ask her doctors for more information, they have the data.
Astrocytoma. Autonomy must be the rule in caring for any disease such as this. The patient needs to make decisions about management early in the course of the illness, and communicate these to physicians and loved ones. Especially in serious disease such as this, interpreting symptoms by description isn't something a physician who's not seen the patient can do. I wish I could do more. Best wishes.