If I drink a lot of soda can that cause me to have to urinate more often? And how long is too long to hold in the contents of your bladder?

No more than h2o. Soda has a lot of water in it. New research shows caffeine is not a significant diuretic once a body becomes tolerant to its effect. Therefore, you pee more b/c you're drinking more water. Don't hold your bladder more than 4 hours during the day.
See answer . Frequency of urination depends on many factors including your state of hydration, how much fluids you drink, types of fluids, and bladder capacity. Caffeine which is present in many soda pops, coffee, and tea will also cause more urination due to caffeine's diuretic effect on the kidneys and stimulation effect on bladder. When it begins to become uncomfortable, then it begins to become too long.