I had a medical abortion on thursday 10th jan. I took my contraceptive pill on saturday 20th jan and had unprotected sex could I be pregnant?

Please clarify. Do you mean by contraceptive pill birth control pills or the emergency contraceptive? One is not protected from pregnancy in the first few days or weeks of birth control.

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I had abortion and it's been 7 days. Can I still take an Emergency Contraceptive pill after having an unprotected sex? I am totally confused please

Sounds confusing. A woman willingly having unprotected sex 7 days after losing her baby fetus via an abortion sounds confused. She can check with her Dr. About how long to wait after an abortion before having sex. Asking about EC pills suggests she doesn't want to get pregnant, but then why have sex so soon after aborting, and why have unprotected sex? The safest thing may be to stop sex, until the Dr. Says ok.

If I had a abortion 3 weeks ago & im on the Depo-Provera shot if I had unprotected sex should I still take the emergency contraceptive pill?

Frustration. Ok. So you are 19 and had an abortion just three weeks ago and are already back at having unprotected sex? My advice is to get your tubes tied so you don't have to ask these questions anymore.