Could what I think is a femoral hernia really be uterus cancer? Is this lump (approx. Size of a nickle) in conjunction with my 7mm gallbladder polyp?

2 different issues. As far as the femoral hernia it would usually present as a bulge in the inguinal area with straining. Given your age, uterine cancer is unlikely unless there is a strong family hx. As far as the GB polyp, at 7mm you can wait 6mo and repeat ultrasound. The other option is lap chole to remove GB. Removal of a GB poly is usually rec'd if polyp is larger than 10mm. You should see a surgeon. .
You are a bit mixed. You have to have some idea of your anatomy! femoral hernias, if present will show up in your groin. Uterus is deep in the pelvis and can not be palpated from outside unless it is very big like when you r pregnant. Gall bladder is too far away from the other two entities and can not be felt when it is near normal size and is located near the right lower ribs . Look up your anatomy on the google.Com.
No. You may have have a femoral hernia , not uterine cancer at your age , speak to your doctor, hernia repair is a low risk surgery , your 7 mm gall bladder could be watched with out surgery if size is getting bigger then requires removal of gb , if some one has 2 cm ( 20 mm ) polyp it will be removed , those will have higher incidence of cancer.

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How can I determine whether this painful lump on my right side under my c-section, is a femoral hernia or cancer?

See a doctor. Have a physical examination with you obstetrician or your doctor to see what you may have. Read more...
Most likely. You may have incisional hernia , may not be femoral hernia , at 24 cancer is not the one , your next visit speak to your gynecologist , and after examination will you , what you have . Read more...