What is the treatment of salmonella osteomyelitis?

Salmonella osteo. This depends upon whether this is acute vs. Chronic osteomyelitis. In the chronic form you may need input from an orthopedical surgeon for debridement of devitalized bone combined with a long-term antibiotic preferrably given iv, although if sensitive to a fluorinated quinolone like Cipro (ciprofloxacin) this may be effective orally over at least a 4 wk course.
ANTIBIOTIC THERAPY. This is frequently seen with sickle cell disease. Quinolones or later generation cephalosporins may work. Dr. Latva.

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Which treatment for osteomyelitis of a patient with sickle cell disease and the osteomyelitis is caused by salmonella?

Ask infectious Disea. Osteomyelitis usually require antibiotics for 6 weeks preferable intravenously because the poor penetration of most antibiotics to the bone. The best answer is given by an infectious disease specialist.
Surgery. Osteomyelitis is a grave problem. You need proper evaluation for the correct treatment indication. Normally surgery is one of the tools we have in association with IV antibiotics.
BONE BIOPSY. A surgeon should get a bone biopsy and culture. The results will provide the answer as to which antibiotic is best. Surgical removal of the osteomyelitic bone may also be needed. Dr. Latva.