Abnormal pap/hpv 16 in may 2013, colposcopy june 2013 cin1 (doctor said looked like cin2), repeat pap jan 2014 abnormal. Colposcopy or leep next?

There are options. While hpv 16 + 18 are associated with high risk for cervical cancer, most pts with these will never develop cancer. However careful f/u and evals are mandatory. If the repeat biopsy was high grade sil (cin2 or 3) then either leep or close f/u is acceptable; most gyns would opt for treatment (leep) in pts older than 30 with high grade lesions.
Let your gynecologis. Let your gynecologist guide you. You could also benefit from a second opinion from another gynecologist. As long as you do not have cin-3, there is no rush to do any leep. These changes are slow to progress or regress. So as long as you are under close supervision of a good gynecologist, you should do fine.

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Pap came back hpv+/cin1. Had colposcopy/biopsy. Came back mild. New pap came back mild-severe/cin2. Doc recommends leep next week. Need for worry?

LEEP biopsy. A leep biopsy is the next step. As long as you follow your doctors plan for treatment you will not have much to worry about. Most dysplasias once discovered are removed by a leep. If not a larger biopsy such as a cervical cone biopsy can be performed. Read more...