What are the complications of lasik?

Lasik Safety. Lasik is an operation-It is safe, simple, & highly successful--20 million have had it- Most studies now show that the 5 minute Lasik is safer than wearing contacts- & after 10 years, it has become less of a constant cost, hassle, or risk than contacts. It is a safe operation but the risks are possible symptoms of dryness for weeks & the very rare possibility of poor healing, infection, scar formation.
Many but uncommon. Dislocated flap, corneal striae, over correction, under correction, irregular astigmatism, corneal ectasia, diffuse lamellar keratitis, dry eye, infection, decentered ablation, haloes, monocular diplopia.
Several. Most lasik comes out well. Some with a proclivity to eye dryness may have short term or sometimes chronic eye dryness afterwards. There are complicated measurements and algorithms to ensure the power is correct but this does not always come out well due to underlying biology so sometimes the correction is not complete and may need further work (enhancement).

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What is the complication of lasik surgery? And what is the difference between lasek and lasik?

Lasek no cutting. Lasik involves cutting a flap in the cornea which will never fully heal. Lasek involves no cutting, just separation of the epithelium or first layer, which will then regrow in a few days. Unfortunately in lasek the separated epithelium is dead and in my opinion will retard the regrowth of new epithelium. A better procedure is epi-lasik in which the epi is removed and regrows in 3 days.
Lasik. The biggest risk of lasik is infection and fortunately this is both rare and treatable. Need for touchup, dry eye, glare and haloes, corneal scarring, decreased vision and other problems can also occur. In lasik, a flap is created which is lifted to allow the laser treatment. Epi-lasik is more like surface laser and involves removing a sheet of surface cells for laser treatment.
Unusual, flap no flap. Many potential complications but the most serious are very unusual. Usually temporary side effects are glare, halos, light sensitivity, dry eye. A more complete list of possibilities for each procedure can be found at your eye surgeon's office. Ek removes the outer layer of the cornea without a flap, and ik goes below the surface to create a flap.
LASIK vs LASEK. Lasik is cutting. Lasek is noncutting. Therefore lasek is safer always in every way. The downside is recovery takes a few more days. I had lasik myself and had performed 5, 900 lasiks before switching to lasek in 2007 for better safety and to avoid dry eyes and night glare that I have myself after my own lasik. Lasek was invented at harvard by two of my mentors may be why I'm an early lasek conver.

What are possible complications with epi lasik? Are the possible complications with epi lasik different or the same as lasik? .

Different. If you are very worried about complications, then don't have refractive surgery. It is unlikely you will have a complication, but if you do, your surgeon will get you through it.
Different from lasik. Epi-lasik is very similar to prk. There is no flap created as in lasik. The difference between epi-lasik and prk has to do with how the surface cells of the cornea (the epithelium) are handled. Recent studies show the visual results are the same with either procedure.

What are complication in using lasik? And what other option for myopia treatment?

Option use glasses. Lasik surgery is relatively safe and effective surgery, if you are undergoing such surgery you have to take time, find pros and cons of such procedure and go to the best centers not to the mills, ask the surgeon for possible complications not simple flares, refractive errors, but requiting corneal transplantation, flap problems, infection etc these are rare but can happen.
LASIK complication. The only way to know about lasik complications is with a comprehensive consultation. In that way you best understand the realities as they apply to you and your eyes. For example, blindness is possible from lasik, but the chance of going blind from wearing contact lenses can be hugely higher. Http://www. Doctorsforvisualfreedom. Com/candidate-lasik. Html.

What are the complications associated with lasik eye surgery?

There are many. Infection, progressive thinning of the cornea, halos, dry eye and others. Talk to your refractive surgeon prior to undergoing any surgery.
Most temporary. Many potential complications but the most serious are very unusual. Usually temporary side effects are glare, halos, light sensitivity, dry eye. A more complete list of possibilities can be found at your eye surgeon's office.
LASIK risks. Dry eye, need for touchup, glare and haloes, ectasia, infection, corneal scarring, decreased vision.