What are the indications for lasik?

Ophtho. There are some requirements such as testing the thickness of your cornea and your eyesight needs to be unchanged, for some eye doctors they recommend 2-3 years. These are the common requirements but there could be others.
Lasik for you. Lasik is the laser treatment indicated for removal of the prescription in your distant glasses.......so nearsighted or farsighted or astigmatism can be the indications for your Lasik treatment..Call for a Lasik evaluation.
Refractive error. Lasik is indicated in an individual who wishes to reduce his or her dependence on glasses and understands the risks, benefits and alternatives. The eye should have a stable refraction and a refractive error suitable for correction. The eye should be free of coexisting eye disease. The corneal topography should be normal and the cornea should be adequately thick with regard to the refractive error.

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What are the contra-indications of lasik?

Several. Lasik cannot work if the power of the eye needs for correction is too high like myopia over -11.00 power. It can be difficult if the cornea is too thin. If the eyes has internal problems like uveitis, or glaucoma, then this might be a problem and should not be done during pregnancy. Dry eyes can predict dry eyes afterwards. Discuss yours eyes with a lasik surgeon. Read more...
Several exist. Unstable refraction, thin cornea, abnormal topography, certain autoimmune diseases, unsuitable refractive error, coexisting ocular disease, dry eye unresponsive to treatment, corneal dystrophy. Read more...