If pap smear is abnormal, atypical squamous cells of undetermined endocervical/squamous metaplastic cells are present. + HPV is positive. I worry?

Probably not. This is a common finding on a pap smear and is slightly abnormal. It is not likely to be anything dangerous. However, the only way to be sure is to be evaluated by your doctor. Most times an exam called a colposcopy is recommended in the office. Hope this helps.
Don't panic. Maybe 5-10% of women have pap smears more or less like this. You are at increased risk for cancer of the cervix, a cruel disease that was once a major killer in the us and still is in much of the world. However... If you continue to be screened as your physician instructs, your chances of dying of cervical cancer are extremely low.
Pap smears. No need to worry. You are getting results like many people after their pap smear. The next best thing is to follow the schedule your doctor puts in place for treatment and monitoring. And, no matter what anyone else says, go get the gardisil vaccine!